Keeping busy

Sitting in the train back from Amsterdam. Where I’ve been to a photo exposition of a photographer I know. Overthinking my life, using my laptop and a mobile internet connection to write and send some emails. Being nerdy, but also making ‘efficient’ use of time that would otherwise be wasted.

All this makes me realize a couple of things. The first one, you won’t always find insights when you’re sitting and thinking. The second one, my life is just way to busy at this moment, but I’m liking it, and I’m looking forward to more relaxed times. The third one, doing a photo exposition is time in the future for me, but there will be an exposition some time in the future.

I just have to survive the next couple of weeks, until the end of June. Projects that are going at the moment:
– Videoproject for the 10th anniversary of 3voor12
– Making photo’s for the ASF
– Creating a mobile GIS application for my internship at Atos Origin

Dates for finishing these projects are the 15th of May, the 22nd of May, and the 13th of June. With some extra time allowed to exams and presentations.

Yes, these three things take a lot of time, and require quite some effort and energy. But I haven’t felt this good in months, perhaps even years! šŸ˜€

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